We think is safe to say it’s been a funny old year, one that feels like it’s been a whole year in six months, with what felt like twelve months of rain in February, summer peaking early in May, and one where the whole world stopped for 12 weeks.

It’s been strangely quiet at Gospenheale Barn, the families we welcome back year on year staying safe at home, the new faces we would have met not able to book their memory making holidays to Cornwall, and even our own family not being able to visit.

When the news of Lockdown came, understandably we were both relieved that we were all going to be able to stay safe, and yet uncertain about what that might mean for Gospenheale Barn and all our amazing guests. Bookings had to be cancelled, new ones not made, and for how long….

After a few days of feeling rather out of sorts we realised this could be an opportunity to get all those jobs done that you never get around to between change overs and seasons…and we threw ourselves into making a good old cup of tea and a list! (Lists always make one feel better I find!)

It must have been only a few weeks into lockdown (and less than a couple of those jobs ticked off our list, though plenty of tea consumed) that the call for Key Worker accommodation went out across the South West. Perhaps only a week after that we got a phone-call asking if we could in fact provide some Key Worker accommodation, which of course we did without hesitation.

It will be soon time for our Key Worker guests to move on, and though we will be sad to see them go, we know it’s a sign of hope that we will soon be able to open our bookings again, fling open the doors of our Barn, and welcome our regular and new visitors into our little piece of heaven, for them too to be able to create happier memories for 2020.