Yesterday (July 28th 2018) I went down to our land by the River Inney to continue to saw up a tree that had fallen across the river. When I arrived I discovered a Buzzard sitting on the tree.  Normally I am unable to get very close to these beautiful wild birds but this one allowed me to get very close. It didn’t seem to be hurt in any way so I was very puzzled and uncertain what to do. I left  it for a while and carried on chainsawing up the tree but the Buzzard did not move away despite the noise and commotion. I figured that something should be done about the situation so did an internet search and rang the Cornish Birds of Prey  Centre. They suggested that it might be hungry and the best thing would be to catch it and bring it to them. So I quickly mustered some aid from my local artist friend Mark Gibbons as well as the tree surgeon Kevin Finnimore who  was working on the tree with me. We managed to safely capture the beautiful bird using a fishing pole net and took it to Cornish Birds of Prey Centre at Winnards Perch.  They showed me that the bird was very emaciated due to the hot weather. It seems that their prey have not been coming out on the daytime due to the heat and this has led to major problems for these beautiful birds. He said that the bird had 50% chance of survival so I am delighted to see on their facebook page this morning that the bird is now full of beans. Its a stunningly beautiful bird so we are really delighted with the outcome.