They say (they being the Findland’s University of Tampere) that a “holiday lasting between 7 and 11 days is needed to ensure we properly relax”, and the “bliss point” happens at day 8 or so.

Did you also know planning holidays makes us feel happier? It has been said that taking them might have health benefits like lowering the risks of heart attacks and depression, and when we do return to our usual lives again, we may see a rise in our engagement in work and be more creative….I’m sure we can all look back on our last holidays and realise this to be the case.

It’s hardly surprising that so many people holiday in Cornwall each year with the sea air, wide open countryside, waking to the dawn chorus (better know as natures own alarm clock), delicious food, good drink and the friendly welcome.

We all miss you….and with updates daily we are excited to think it won’t be long before we can welcome you all back safely, and in the meantime we are working hard to make sure you will feel as reassured as possible before booking your stay with us.

One of the measures we are exploring is to give you a longer stay at Gospenheale Barn to include TWO weekends, meaning you will get 10-11 days holiday (enabling you to reach that perfect holiday “bliss point”) and with at least 72 hours between bookings to give us plenty of time to put in extra cleaning measures….

We want to reassure you that Cornwall misses you, all at Gospenheale Barn miss you, and that the wonderful Cornish welcome and your complimentary homemade cream tea will be waiting for you when you can come and stay again.

In the meantime enjoy this short video from Visit Cornwall.